Low levels of Vitamin A, D and E have been associated with Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections (RRTI) among children living in Nothern China, a new case control study reports.

Researchers from the Dept. of Clinical Nutrition a Harbin Children´s Hospital, China, stated previous studies showed that the incidence of RRTIs among children in Nothern China ranged from 17,8% to 18,7% in 2011.

They point out that numerous studies have focused on identifying the association between inadequate concentrations of vitamins A, D and E and the incidence of RRTIs in Chinese children.

«No evidence is available to prove these hypotheses. Therefore, the roles of vitamins A, D and E in children with RTIs and RRTIs should be clarified».

In their study, 1200 children aged 0,5 – 14 years were selected: 600 children with RRTIs comprised the symptomatic group, whereas 600 healthy children were use as controls.

They found that serum levels of vitamins A, D and E were significantly lower in the RRTI group than the control group. «The conditional logistic regression model and the receiver-operating characteristic curve showed that the insufficiency or deficiency of vitamins A, D and E was positively correlated with RRTI ocurrence (p<0.05).»

The researchers believe the study demonstrated that lower serum levels of those vitamins are associated with RRTIs, but were unable to judge if it caused repeated illness or was a response of it. «This retrospective study cannot conclude the role of these vitamins in RRTIs because we cannot determine whether the vitamins levels influenced the ocurrence of RRTIs or vice versa».
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