Vitimin E may decrease cancer risk in people with genetic disorder

Supplementation with vitamin E could help to prevent cancer in patients with an under-recognized genetic disorder, according to new research.
The research suggests that the vitamin may help to stop the development of cancers in people suffering from a genetic disease that predisposes them to increased risk of cancers. The researchers explained that several genetic mutations known to be present in Cowden Syndrome (CS) may be responsible for cancer development. The researchers also discovered that mutations in certain genes, responsible for energy production result in an accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that causes damage to cells and makes them more prone to becoming cancerous.
However, when vitamin E was applied to the cells with such mutations, ROS accumulation decreased, as well as the accompanying cellular damage.
«These findings support the notion that vitamin E may be useful as an anti-cancer  therapeutic adjunct or preventive agent, specially for CS patients harboring SDH mutations, and its protective properties should be further explored,» they said.
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