Are inflammation and immunity the next big areas for CLA

Beyond cardiovascular health and weight management, the next big areas for CLA are inflammation and immune support.

While inflammation and immune support are emerging areas of science, more CLA-containing food products are also expected to emerge soon. «People who take CLA just feel better. That’s probably one of the reasons why CLA has a long history of use in supplements.»
The ingredient has a much shorter history in food and beverages, however, since it only received GRAS status in 2008.
CLA is a fatty acid naturally present in ruminant meant and dairy products. Due to changes in the Western diet, average intake of CLA has fallen; if the fat is removed from a dairy product to make a low fat version that will be acceptable to consumers, CLA is removed along with it. The ingredient is most often found as a mixture of isomers: cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12.
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