Vitae Caps is now Vitae Naturals

In 2011 Vitae Caps decided to chagne its corportate identity. Its new name, Vitae Naturals, reflects its aim to create top-of-the-range, extremely pure and natural products that not only enhance people’s health and well-being but also add value to the company and its customers, using raw materials and processes that support environmental conservation.
These days, consumers are looking for ways to become healthier by taking natural, pure and certified solutions adapted to their active lifestyle. Vitae Naturals aims to develop natural ingredients to satisfy consumers’ needs and desires; these ingredients are characterized by being:
1) Pure: using natural and organic raw materials and processes that certifiy and identify their products.
2) Safe: monitoring traceability through on-site external and suppliers’ audits.
3) Effective:  working directly with customers to offer them the best bioavailable products.
Vitae Naturals’s history
When Vitae Caps was created in 2001, it became Europe’s leading producer of naturally-sourced vitamin E, our trademark Vitapherole® with a non-GMO IP Certification based on the strictest criteria contained in Regulations (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. Today, one of Vitae’s best sellers is Vitasterol®  S-80 esterified (plant sterol esters), which was launched in 2006 with the highest purity on the market > 99% after obtaining Novel Food approval based on substantial equivalence with Regulation (EC)258/97. In addition, plant sterols are among the few ingredients approved for managing cholesterol and reducing the risk factor relative to developing coronary heart disease pursuant to art. 14 of Regulation (EC) 1924/2006.
In 2008, we started to develop dispersible ingredients and tailor-made antioxidant systems that can be easily integrated into our customers’ manufacturing processes and adapted to their specif requirements. It was also in this year that we launched Vitaslim®  (CLA). Since 2009, Vitae Naturals has been working on two CDTI projects; one of them is the study of natural tocopherols as new source of Vitamin E in the feed sector.  The Talavera de la Reina plant saw its production capacity increased by 400% in 2011. Therefore, Vitae Naturals will become one of the world’s largest producers of sterol esters, producing more than 5 million doses to help people to reduce their cholesterol levels. Thus Vitae Naturals is keeping its promise to «enhance the health and well-being of consumers».
New corporate image
The word «caps» in the company’s name caused confusion adn Vitae Caps decided to make history -again- by renewing its image and name. The new image aims to convey the essence of the company’s phylosophy, i.e. manufacturing top-of-the-range, extremely pure, natural products that enhance consumers’ health and well-being. An image with clean, fresh, modern and attractive lines has been created, in which the «natural» concept is highlighted, both due to its composition and the use of the new corporate colours and typographies. The name change keeps both the expertise and recognition associated with the «Vitae» brand and incorporates «Naturals», the brand’s added value, with the aim of creating a characteristic, easy-to-remember and distintive name. The new logo is based on two main elements that illustrate Vitae Natural’s objetives, one being a heart symbolizing well-being, health and all that is natural, and the other being the Vitae products depicted as a droplet of oil. Both elements unite subtly and elegantly to form the letter «V» from the word «Vitae». Both, the name and the logo are accompanied by the slogan «Manufacturers of Wellness». The website has been redesigned in line with the new corporate image.
The Vitae Naturals’s product range

  1. 1) Vitasterol® (plant sterols and plan sterol esters) is a natural and vegetal ingredient that reduces cholesterol levels and the risk of developing coronary heart disease. The effectiveness of sterols is based on their ability to prevent the cholesterol being absorbed in the intestine. More than 40 randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials on various types of patients have verified their effectiveness.
  2. 2) Vitapherole® is naturally-sourced vitamin E and acts as a chain-breaking antioxidant that prevents the propagation of free radical reactions. It is the main lipid-soluble antioxidant. Consumers around the world are aware of the well-known health benefits of vitamin E. However, the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin E is unknown, since natural vitamin E is more bioavailable than synthetic vitamin E. Consumers looking for natural products can check if it is natural on the label; natural forms are usually labelled with the letter «d» (d-alpha tocopherol), whereas synthetic forms are labelled with «dl» (dl-alpha tocopherol). The EFSA NDA Panel provided a scientific opinion on the health claim pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 in relation to vitamin E and the protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidation damage. These health claims: «protection of body cells from oxidative damage by being a free radical scavenger» and «antioxidant and ageing properties» will probably be included in the European Commission’s list of approved health claims expected to be published in 2012. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin E is 12mg alpha-TE. The vitamin E range has been widely developed making its incorporation into different sectors easier. There are some products within this range certified by ECOCERT for the production of organic food used in organic farming.
  3. – Vitapherole® E (alpha tocopherol) – Food supplements
  4. – Vitapherole® E acetate (alpha tocopheryl acetate) – Food supplements and cosmetics
  5. – Vitapherole® EP acetate (alpha tocopheryl acetate) – Food supplements
  6. – Vitapherole® T (mixed tocopherols) – Antioxidant for fats and oils
  7. – Vitapherole® WD – water based foods
  8. – Vitapherole® E-800 sunflower origin (mixed tocopherols)
  9.  – –

3) Vitavonoide® is soya sourced powder ingredient containing 40% isoflavones which can be used alone or combined with other ingredients. The three main active compounds are genistein, daidzein and glycitein. This product is mainly used in food supplements due to its high concentration. The health benefits of isoflavones are related to menopausal symptoms.
4) Antioxidant systems. Vitae Naturals develops tailor-made formulations through the experience of its R&D department using natural antioxidants like mixed tocopherols and secondary antioxidants. These antioxidant systems aim to protect fats and oils from oxidation and help customers with their «special» formulations. Assesment of antioxidant systems in customers’ products is carried out using several tests, including Rancimat measurements. Different applications need different solutions and Vitae Naturals works closely with its customers in this respect.
5) Other functional ingredients: Vitaslim® (CLA) and lutein
Vitae Naturals’s future
Vitae Naturals’s products are currently sold in over 30 countries and in different sectors: food and nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed. The aim is to increase market presence in the US, Asia and South America. Vitae Naturals continues to work with natural molecules that help consumers to enjoy and develop healthy habits. The development of ready-to-use ingredients for the food industry is its objetive and it is working side-by-side with customers to help them solve technical issues. In partnership with its customers, Vitae Naturals will launch new projects for the development of new healthy ingredients.
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Source: Innovations in Food Technology, issue 54 February 2012