Soy isoflavones again linked to blood pressure benefits

Daily consumption products containing soy isoflavones could help to significantly reduce blood pressure across the general population, acorrding to a new study.
The research reports that consumption of the soy compound could lead to as much as a 10 mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure for people with slightly raised blood pressures – known as pre-hypertension. In addition, the study finds for the first time that there is a particular benefit for African American populations – who are known to have a higher risk of raised blood pressure
«What’s unique about this study is that the results are ver applicable to the general population. Our results strongly suggest a blood pressure benefit for moderate amounts of dietary isoflavone intake in young black and white adults,» said the leader of the study. She also noted that even after controlling for age, sex, BMI, smoking, alcohol, physical activity and total caloric intake, the relationship between daily isoflavones and lower systolic blood pressure remained.  She explained that as a result, the study helps to lay groundwork for future randomised controlled trials, in order to help better understand the association between isoflavones and blood pressure.
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