Vitaslim ® is highly purified Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This kind of fatty acid is produced by ruminant animals, therefore CLA occurs naturally in animal products such as beef, milk and dairy products. CLA can be also obtained from vegetable sources such as sunflower and safflower oil and it is composed by two biological activity isomers C18:2 c9,t11 and C18:2 t10, c12.

CLA has many health benefitis, but the most important ones are its anticancer properties and the regulation of lipid metabolism.

It is available in two forms, both of them are widely used as dietary supplements. Vitaslim ® 80 G is triglyceride form and Vitaslim ® 80 FFA is free fatty acid form. Furthermore, we make tailor made formulations upon request from our customers such as water dispersible products. Do not hesitate to enhance your products with CLA and start taking advantage from its healthy properties.




78-82% C18:2
CLA trigliceryde
78-82% C18:2
CLA free fatty acids