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Los ingredientes funcionales más innovadores

Vitafoods Europe es un evento que congrega a fabricantes y distribuidores de ingredientes funcionales, fabricantes de suplementos y vendedores de suplementos dietéticos. La última edición tuvo lugar en Ginebra (Suiza) del 5 al 7 de mayo, y Vitae Naturals ha estado presente en ella una vez más.


Nearly one-quarter of Seoul residents are vitamin E deficient, a study has revealed, providing more evidence to the argument that even apparently healthy or affluent populations cannot take adequate vitamin intake for granted.


Vitamin E may help maintain levels of DHA in the brain, says a new study with zebrafish funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Scientists from Oregon State University in Corvallis report that zebrafish fed a diet without vitamin E for nine months had about 30% less of a forma of DHA known as DHA-PC, a component of the brain cell membrane.


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