Vitamin E: The ‘overlooked’ nutrient and its brain health benefits

With over 90% of Americans not consuming the RDA for vitamin E, and most people eating less than half of the RDA, there exists a significant opportunity to educate consumers on the benefits of this ‘overlooked’ nutrient, including for brain health.

Vitamin E is an overlooked nutrient. Like dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines of America should have declared vitamin E as a ‘nutrient of concern’ because ‘What people eat in America’ finds that over 90% of Americans are not consuming the vitamin E RDA. And the situation is worsening.

In the context of brain health, vitamin E’s antioxidant effects play a key role protecting membranes for oxidation, and omega-3 fatty acids from peroxidation.

In the study, the depletion of all plasma vitamin E forms, together with the increased indexes of vitamin E oxidative/nitrosative damage were shown in both Alzheimer’s Diseases and mild cognitive impairment, supporting the hypothesis that (oxidative and nitrosative stress) are early phenomena in AD, and suggesting a potential role of vitamin E in neurodegeneration.
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