Vitamin E a ‘potential weapon’ against obesity related disease: Study

Consumption of vitamin E could help to battle the symptoms of liver disease brought on by obesity, according to new research.

The new data, presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, offers a potential way to fight the obesity-related illness, after US-based researchers stumbled upon the findings by accident while studying the effect of vitamin E deficiency on the central nervous system.

«These findings may have a significant impact on public health», said manor -noting that the ‘vast majority’ of adults do not consume enough vitamin E to meet national guidelines.

«Simple and affordable dietary intervention may benefit people at risk for this debilitating disease», he said.

The NASH problem

The team checked the literature -and found previous research suggesting that vitamin E may alleviate some symptoms of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and suggesting a link between adequate vitamin E levels and liver disease in human.

NASH is a common complication of obesity that is characterised by fat accumulation, oxidative stress and inflammation in the liver.

Vitamin E solution

To test the hypothesis that vitamin E may alleviate NASH, the team then studied a mouse that was engineered to lack a protein that regulates the levels of the essential vitamin.

As expected, they observed increased oxidative stress, fat deposition and other signs of liver injury in the mice.

Importantly, however, «supplementation with vitamin e averted the majority of NASH-related symptoms in these animals, confirming the relationship between vitamin E deficiency and liver disease,» Manor pointed out.
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