Vitamin E anti-cancer mechanism mooted by researchers

The supposed anti-cancer effects of vitamin E have been long suggested. Now researchers believe they may have identified a key mechanism behind these properties.

The anti-cancer effects of Vitamin E have long been suggested, however pinpointing a viable mechanism behind such supposed effects has until now proved a step too far.

The study showed that the gamma-tocopherol form of vitamin E blocks the activation of an enxyme- known as Akt- that is essential for cancer cell survival.

Vitamin E occurs in a number of forms based on chemical structure, with the most common being tocopherols.

In this study, this team showed that of the tocopherols tested, the gamma form was the most potent anti-cancer agent.

Both alpha- and gamma- tocopherol were found to inhibit the Akt enzyme in very targeted ways, but gamma structure emerged as the more powerful form of the Vitamin.
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