Plant sterols in low fat milk effective for cholesterol cuts

Phytosterols incorporated into low-fat fermented milk was effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels in people with slightly elevated cholesterol, French researchers have reported. Writing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Boris Hansel from Paris’ Hôpital de la Pitié and co-workers report that daily consumption of the low fat milk containing 1.6 grams of phytosterols was effective in reducing LDL levels by eight per cent after six weeks. The researchers recruited 194 subjects with LDL cholesterol levels between 130 and 190 milligrams pre deciliter and randomly assigned to consume two low-fat portions of plain fermented milk (control group) or the milk containing 0.8 grams of plant sterol ester (experimental group) or for six weeks. Hansel and cow-workers report that consumption of the sterol ester-containing milk led to plasma LDL-cholesterol reductions of 9.5 and 7.8 per cent after three and six weeks, respectively, compared to the control group. Moreover, concentrations of oxidised LDL were significantly reduced in the group consuming the plant sterol-enriched milk PS group compared with the control group. However, no significant changes in plasma triacylglycerol and HDL-cholesterol concentrations were reported.
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