Short-term supplementation with vitamin E may support the function of cells lining blood cells from potential damage during the increase in blood sugar levels after eating, says a new study.

Five days of supplementation with a gamma-tocopherol-rich mixture of tocopherols maintained vascular endothelial function – the function of the cells lining blood vessels, according to findings.
The vitamin E supplement was also associated with supporting blood flow in the arteries and a reduction in increases of malondialdehyde (MDA – a reactive carbonyl compound and a well-established marker of oxidative stress).
«This study demonstrates that short-term gamma-tocopherol-rich mixture of tocopherols supplementation in healthy men maintains vascular endothelial function that is otherwise impaired by postprandial hyperglycemia likely by decreasing lipid peroxidation without affecting inflammator responses,» report researchers.
The researchers recruited 15 health men with an average age of 22 participate in their randomized, crossover study. The men were randomly assigned to receive the vitamin E supplement or nor supplement for five days prior to fasting and then receiving 75 grams of glucose.
The vitamin E supplement provided 500 milligrams of gamma-tocopherol, 60 mg of alpha-tocopherol, 170 mg of delta-tocopherol, and 9 mg of beta-tocopherol.
Results showed that the glucose test produced significant increases in MDA levels, and decreases of 30-44% in blood flow, as measured by brachial artery flow-mediated dilation (FMD). However, vitamin E supplementation prevented such changes. The researchers also report for the first time the vascular endothelial function was maintained in the men after consuming the vitamin E supplement.
«Our findings support that gamma-tocopherol-rich mixture of tocopherols is beneficial for maintaining vascular endothelial function in healthy young men,» wrote the researchers.
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