Vitasterol® S-80 WDP – Best dairy ingredient finalist in World Dairy Innovation Awards 2015

Vitasterol S-80 WDP has been best dairy ingredient finalist in World Dairy Innovation Awards 2015.

On 24th June annual World Dairy Innovation Awards took place at the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam as part of the 9th Global Dairy Congress. There were 220 entries from 30 countries in 18 categories: finished products, marketing, manufacturing, ingredients, and commitment to CSR.

Vitasterol S-80 WDP is mixed phytosterols microencapsulated especially developed for dairy products. This functional ingredient helps to lower blood choleserol levels and is approved as novel ingredient for dairy applications including milk, cheese and yoghurt based products and milk based beverages with fruits or cereals.

Why is Viasterol S-80 WDP a healthy, unique and beneficial ingredient?

-It is a fat-free ingredient. Therefore dairy products may be labelled as fat-free or low fat.

-It can be mixed into low fat food products.

-It has an approved health claim, hence dairy products could state on their labels and advertising:

«Plant sterols have been shown to lower blood cholesterol, High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease (CHD)».

-It is an effective size does not affect perceptions of texture and mouth-feel.

-The highest concentration of the market in water dispersible form: 90% free sterols.

Its good distribution properties within dairy matrices.

-There is no need of special equipment to incorporate in the production process. Application sheets available.

-It is a natural and vegetable source product.