Vitamin E linked to longevity in Alzheimer patients

An increased intake of vitamin E supplements may improve the survival of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, researchers report. «Vitamin E has previously been shown to delay the progression of moderately severe Alzheimer’s disease. Now, we’ve been able to show that vitamin E appears to increase the survival time of Alzheimer’s patients as well,» said lead author Valory Pavlik, PhD., from Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Pavlik indicated that the results of the study, a long-term follow-up of an Alzheimer’s disease patient cohort, are in-line with a randomised, placebo-controlled trial reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (1997, Vol. 336, pp. 1216-22), which showed a beneficial effect of vitamin E (2000 IU total per day) in Alzheimer patients. The researchers acknowledge financial support from various including the National Alzheimer’s Association, the National Institutes of Health, and the Mitchell Foundation.
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