Vitae Naturals is proud to announce the launching of its new GMP-HACCP Certification.

After a lengthy period of implementation, and even the elaboration of an exhaustive Risk Assessment for each and every product manufactured and commercialized, Vitae Naturals offers to the customers this new certification built into our Quality Management System.

The pillars of this certification are based on the following:

1.- «Good Manufacturing Practices» (GMP)

2.- «Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points» (HACCP)

3.- «Codex Alimentarius»

This combination represents a perfect mix for the assurance of Good Practices and Operational Control, Food Hygiene and the establishment of Critical Control Points which guaranteee the Food Safety inside Vitae Naturals.

The launching of this certification reveals the involvement of the human team of Vitae Naturals in those aspects which are so relevant and top in importance inside our company’s policy.

One more time, Vitae Naturals commits to supply an added value to its customers in accordance with the quality exigencies established by the market. Periodical inspections from Spanish Health Ministry regarding Food Safety together with this new certification reveal a maximum level of confidence for the manufacturing and placing in the market of Vitae Naturals’s products.

We hope that this improvement will satisfy our clients and will prove them, one more time, that our company is a Quality Reference in the market.
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