VITAE CAPS as an integral part of the project PROCADECO

 PROCADECO: Multidisciplinary strategies for the achievement of suitable pig products for consumers’ demand.

The project PROCADECO has recently been approved by the Council of Administration of the Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI). The CDTI is a Public Enterprise Organization dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which promotes the innovation and the technological development of the Spanish companies. Since 2009 it is the organization of the Ministry of Science and Innovation which channels financial requests and supports the projects of R+D of Spanish companies in the Estate and international environments.
PROCADECO is an integrated project, it is formed by a partnership of eight companies and it is led by Incarlopsa, which tries to approach the main challenges of companies’ leaders in pig production in Spain to increase competitiveness and top productive yields.
For the development of its activities within the project, Vitae Caps will count on a budget of 636.161,00€, together with the support of the University of Extremadura and the company: Imasde Agroalimentaria.
Category: Quality