Phytosterols for cholesterol cuts supported by review

Phytosterol-enriched foods are efficacious for reducing levels of LDL cholesterol, with no differences between stanols and sterols, or delivery in fat or non fat foods, says a new review.
By reviewing 84 trials, researchers from Unilever R&D and Wageningen University report that the science supports the incorporation of phytosterols in various food formats. The findings are published in the new issue of the Journal of Nutrition.
“For the recommended intake of two grams per day, the expected LDL-C–lowering effect of phytosterols is about 9%” wrote the authors, led by Isabelle Demonty.
“A reduction in LDL-C of about 10% would reduce the incidence of CHD by about 10-20%».
“Although no direct evidence is available yet for the ability of phytosterols to lower CHD incidence, the well-documented cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterols is the basis for recommendations to include phytosterols into strategies to lower LDL-C concentrations,” they added.
The study is important as phytosterols are incorporated into more and more food matrices.
According to a recent market research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, phytosterols are the most heart health targeted and benefited from approved health claims
in many markets (as well as recently approval from the European Food Safety Authority).  Read more

By Stephen Daniells, 27-Jan-2009
Source: Journal of Nutrition
Volume 139, Pages 271-284
“Continuous dose-response relationship of the LDL-cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterol intake”
Authors: I. Demonty, R.T. Ras RT, H.C.M. van der Knaap, G.S.M.J.E. Duchateau, L. Meijer, P.L. Zock, J.M. Geleijnse, E.A. Trautwein
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