New study extends lutein’s ‘functional evidence’ for eye health benefits

Increased intakes of lutein may not only have a direct beneficial role in the macula of the eye, but may also affect inflammation, says a new study.

Results from a one year study indicated that 10 mg per day of lutein indicated that supplementation with the carotenoid significantly reduced levels of sC5b-9, a marker of systemic inflammation, compared to placebo.

«This study is the first to show that an increased dietary intake of lutein reduces the plasma level of sC5b-9,» wrote scientists from the University Eye Clinic Maastricht in The Netherlands and the University of Manchester in England.

«Due to the important role of the complements system as a mediator of inflammation and its role in the pathogenesis of AMD, lutein supplementation can be considered as a potential prevention and treatment for AMD.»
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