Maternal lutein supplementation passes to child

Supplementing lactating women with lutein is an affective way of raising the lutein status of the breast-feeding infant.

Daily supplements of lutein at doses of 6 or 12 milligrams per day for new mothers for six weeks resulted in significant increases in the lutein concentrations in the breast milk, maternal plasma, and the infant’s plasma in a dose-dependent manner, according to results published in the Journal of Nutrition.

«Whether or not lutein can affect cognitive development early in life is not yet known».»Nontheless, breast milk or infant formula is the sole source of nutrition during this critical period of development. Given the relation between intake of lutein by the breastfeeding mother, infant plasma concentrations, and the importance of lutein as an antioxidant and in eye health, it is prudent that lactating women consume adequate lutein from the diet or supplements to ensure adequate concentrations in breast milk for infant growth and development».
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