Lutein-fortified milk passes bioavailability test

Fortifying fermented milk with lutein may be a suitable vehicle to boost intakes of the compound, according to a new study from Spain.
The fortified milk product could raise blood levels of lutein to the top end of the reference ranges in the US and European populations, according to results of a human study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.
Researchers from Madrid’s Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro report that these raised blood levels are relevant for different health benefits, including eye health.
“The present results support the suitability of fermented milk as a carrier of lutein esters and the efficacy of this food-based approach to improve the status of lutein in control subjects,” wrote lead author Fernando Granado-Lorencio.
“Overall, the present approach and the information provided may be relevant in the design and evaluation of the nutritional and health effects of novel, potentially functional, food products.”
“Our results show that the regular consumption of lutein ester-fortified fermented milk, at the level of fortification and consumption used (ca. 4–8 mg/day), may increase the serum levels of lutein above the 90 percentile of the reference ranges in the US and European populations (greater than 0.50 micromoles/L),” wrote the researchers.
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By Stephen Daniells, 09-Feb-2009
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