EFSA on vitamin e: ‘Pregnant and lactating women don’t need more’

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set dietary reference values for vitamin E as alpha-tocopherol.

Using dietary surveys in children and adults in nine different countries, the panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies said there was no apparent a-tocopherol deficiency in the EU.

The trade group urged EFSA to use ‘at least’ the 2013 recommendations set by D-A-CH for pregnant and lactating women of 13 mg a-tocopherol/day and 17 mg per day, respectively.

‘A recent study has also shown a link between low vitamin E intake and miscarriages during the first trimester of pregnancy, pointing to the importance of adequate intake in women of child bearing age’, it wrote.

It said it could not agree with EFSA’s conclusion, that ‘a full compensation of the transitory secretion of alpha-tocopherol in breast  milk is not justified for the derivation of DRVs for alpha-tocopherol for lactationg women’.
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