CLA may protect against celiac disease: Study

Supplementation with CLA may be beneficial in fighting oxidative stress associated with celiac disease, according to new research in mice.

The study investigated the effects of gluten on intestinal antioxidant and detoxifying defences in vitro and in vivo – and examined the potentially protective effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) against gluten-induced toxicity in the small intestine.
«We have identified a novel mechanism by which gluten perturbs several pivotal intestinal defences and we have discovered the potential therapeutic efficacy of CLA against gluten-mediated toxicity,» said the researchers.
Conjugated LInoleic Acid (CLA) «has been  recognized to promote beneficial effects in animal models of several pathologies, including inflammatory, autoimmune diseases, and experimentally induced colitis.»
«The beneficial effects of CLA against the depletion of crucial intestinal cytoprotective defences indicates a novel nutritional approach for the treatment of intestinal disease,» they added.
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