Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which acts to protect body tissues from damage caused by free radicals. Under our range Vitapherole ®, we offer IP natural-source tocopherols or vitamin E. Tocopherols can be used as nutrient (alpha tocopherol) or as an antioxidant to avoid oxidation of fats and oils (mixed tocopherols). Vitae Naturals provides tocopherols in various forms to easily integrate them into our customers' manufacturing processes: liquids and powders. Vitae Naturals's Vitamin E line includes alcohols, acetates and succinates.

Vitae Naturals also offers a product range that can be used in organic food and cosmetics as well as our sunflower alfa rich tocopherols. Please ask us for more information.

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Detailed Table of Natural Source vitamin E Products Powder