Antioxidant Systems

Vitae Naturals designs Antioxidant Systems to extend your products´ shelf-life.

Food, supplements, cosmetical, petfood and feed preparations are composed of a wide variety of ingredients, many of which contain lipid substances, such as fats and oils from vegetable or animal origin.

These components are quite sensible to oxidation processes and they get rancid easily thereby affecting not only the organoleptic properties, but also the nutritive value or even safety of the finished product.

Although oxidation is a natural occurring process, it is critical important for the food and cosmetical industry to be able to postpone these reactions as long as possible.

The usage of antioxidants cannot indefinitely prolong the shelf-life, but an optimum antioxidant can retard the occurence of oxidation. The use of antioxidants in food industry is in constantly change and development.

Vitae Naturals develops tailor made antioxidant formulations to fit your specific needs for your unstable fats and oils such as Omega 3. A full range of antioxidant systems has been developed in the last years.

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