About Kensing

Kensing helps its customers deliver better products every day through its line of premium specialty chemicals, each derived from natural raw materials, including quality phytosterols and plant-based vitamin E, anionic surfactants and esters. These precisely formulated ingredients serve a diverse array of customers across the personal care, home care, health, nutrition, and industrial & agricultural markets. Committed to high-purity products and sustainability, Kensing combines its proven expertise with a contagious passion for making products better, and the world a better place.

A History of Innovation

The company’s name honors the history and legacy of its manufacturing facility, located on Kensington Avenue in Kankakee, IL. The facility was built in 1948, spans 310 acres, and reflects the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, allowing the company to produce pure, precise, high-quality products.

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Kensing + Vitae Naturals: A Natural Fit

In 2022 Kensing acquired Vitae Naturals. Kensing is one of the world’s highest-purity producers of plant-based vitamin E, as well as naturally-sourced phytosterol products. Vitae Naturals, a leading producer of natural vitamin E in Europe and phytosterol esters for the food, nutrition, and personal care end-markets, was a perfect and natural fit. Both companies also share a commitment to product quality, safety, and customer service. By coming together, Kensing and Vitae both expand their global footprints and opportunities for growth.