A team of researchers from the University of Cadiz in Spain and the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina found that vitamin E supplements appeared to improve the ability of mice to perform in neuromuscular tests, suggesting that the vitamin also improved quality of life as well as longevity. This research has been two years long. The mice given vitamin E supplements in the study lived an average of 85 weeks without any negative side effects being observed. The maximal lifespan increased 17 per cent to 136 weeks. The doses was 5.0 grames alpha-tocopherol acetate per kilogram food. The results of this research support the free radical theory of ageing put forward by Gerschman and Harman in the 1950s. The mice given vitamin E had lower levels of free radical mediated reactions and oxidative damage in their mitochondria, the energy source of all cells. According to these results, the vitamin E supplements were also ?able to prevent the decrease in the activities of brain enzymes that are mitochondrial markers of ageing? by substantial levels, said Alberto Boveris, professor at the University of Buenos Aires.
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Source: Diario Médico/NutraIngredients