Lowering cholesterol effectiveness of plant sterols and sterol esters, our Vitasterol® line, has been widely proven. Vitasterol® can be added to food supplements (powder form) and different food applications depending on regulation of each country (plant sterol esters and water dispersible sterols).

Plant sterol esters have been one of the first to obtain approval from the European Commission for their health claim according to Regulation 1924/2006/EC. Food such as yellow fat spreads (margarines), mayonnaise, salad dressings and dairy product with added plant sterols and plant sterol esters can state on their label:

“Plant sterols have been shown to lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease (CHDI)”

Plant sterols are GRAS for specific food uses and have been evaluated and approved for use in specific food applications in other countries.

Enriching your products with Vitasterol® guarantees the success of your product:

1) It works.
2) It is an innovative functional ingredient.





min. 90%

mixed phytosterols

white, yellowish water dispersible powder

min. 98%

mixed phytosterols esters

light yellow viscous oily paste

min. 99%

mixed phytosterols

white granular free flowing powder

min. 95%

mixed phytosterols

white cream fine powder