Microencapsulation is a technique that permits to better preserve and/or protect the active ingredient and to enhance its sensorial features.

The microencapsulated process developed by Vitae Naturals is based on spray drying technology. Its main feature is to protect the essential characteristics of the material to be encapsulated.

Apart from providing microencapsulated phytosterols (Vitasterol® S-80 WDP) and microencapsulated vitamin E (Vitapherole® E WD), Vitae Naturals also offers contract manufacturing services of microencapsulated products such as vitamins, minerals, functional ingredients, antioxidant systems, additives, fragances, oils, etc.

Vitae Naturals will be able to design and develop customized solutions with and for its customers, and produce their formulated products.





min. 90%

mixed phytosterols

500 I.U./g

d-a tocopheryl dispersible

300 mg/g

d-mixed tocopherols dispersible

light ocre fine powder

500 I.U./g

d-a tocofepheryl acetate dispersible

cream fine powder