Vitae Naturals offers natural and effective ingredients to satisfy new consumers’ demand for health and wellness with natural and certified ingredients. One of our leaders and best selling category are phytosterols and phytosterol esters (Vitasterol® S-80), which is a powerful cholesterol reducer with high level of scientific evidence and an approved health claim. Another recognized and premium natural ingredient is our naturally sourced vitamin E (Vitapherole®) available in different forms: oil-soluble, powder or water dispersible. Our product range includes also soy isoflavones (Vitavonoide®), CLA (Vitaslim®), lutein as well as antioxidant systems (tailor-made formulations to avoid oxidation of our clients’ fats and oils). Vitae Naturals’s natural ingredients can help enhance your food, beverage and food supplements.Luteína, así como los Sistemas Antioxidantes (formulaciones a medida para preservar de la oxidación las grasas y aceites de nuestros clientes).

Los ingredientes ofrecidos por Vitae Naturals pueden ser añadidos a alimentos, bebidas y suplementos dietéticos. El enriquecimientos de los alimentos con los ingredientes funcionales fabricados por Vitae Naturals proporciona beneficios tangibles que permiten al consumidor llevar una vida saludable